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An appraisal is an insurance contractual right, as per statutory condition #11 in your policy wordings. Appraisal provides a dispute resolution mechanism to resolve a disagreement over the value (and ONLY the value) of the loss. Insurance appraisals can only be triggered after a policyholder has submitted a Proof of Loss (POL) and a specific demand has been made in writing by either party.

At MPRC we are the appraisers of choice for policyholders when they are not happy with the initial settlement offer from their insurer. Extensive insurance and restoration knowledge is what separates us from the competition – our settlement awards speak for themselves.

MPRC recognize that policyholders are not always aware of their contractual rights, responsibilities, and options when making a claim, therefore it is important that policyholders understand that they have the:

  • Right: to question and challenge the insurer’s experts, procedures and estimates.
  • Responsibility: to retain an expert of choice in order to prove, manage and quantify the claim.
  • Option: to request an appraisal in order to resolve the disagreement over the value of the loss.

When the appraisal process is triggered, the policyholder’s appraiser along with the insurer’s appraiser will need to select an umpire who is impartial, independent and has expertise in the area of disagreement, as it pertains to value only. The two appraisers will submit their evidence and disagreements to the umpire. The umpire is a tie breaker they are to choose one parties’ valuation over the other, based on the best supported evidence. This valuation will become the “settlement award” when one of the two appraisers agrees with the umpire’s recommended value.

As experienced insurance appraisers, we collaborate with professional experts to ensure that we get our clients the settlement/award they deserve. Our extensive restoration/construction expertise gives us the advantage over our competition, in establishing the best evidence to support the correct costs that quantify the entire claim, including contents, stock, equipment and building.

Appraisal awards are binding and are required prior to addressing further legal disputes over policy coverages, entitlement or contractual disputes. MPRC is affiliated with lawyers to help policyholders address any matters of disagreements that are not within the jurisdiction of the appraisal process.

Our appraisal team will help you protect your single biggest investment – your home or building. Call us today at (647) 725-9648 or email us at to learn more about how we can help you.

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