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We Negotiate Your Property Valuation at Appraisal

We are experienced appraisers that represent policyholders at an “Insurance Appraisal”.  An “Appraisal” is an Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) process that determines the valuation of a claim.  We resolve property valuation conflicts with our dispute resolution skills and knowing the insurers negotiating tactics – our awards speak for themselves.  Our success at appraisal hearings is based on our extensive experience as Property Valuation specialist and Restoration Consultants.

We at MPRC recognize that policyholders are not always aware of their contractual rights, responsibilities, and options when making a claim. Therefore it is important that policyholders understand that – they have the:

  • Right to question and challenge the insurer’s experts, procedures and estimates.
  • Responsibility to retain the expert of choice to manage and quantify the claim.
  • Option to request an appraisal to resolve the dispute over the valuation of the claim.

After formally requesting an appraisal the policyholder will need to select an appraiser.  The two appraisers, one for the insured and the other for the insurer, along with the umpire will determine the valuation award during the appraisal hearing.

As experienced insurance appraisers, we align ourselves with a team of experts to get our clients the Replacement Cost Valuation (RCV) award they deserve.  Our extensive construction expertise gives us the advantage in establishing and negotiating the best settlement/award at an appraisal hearing.

Appraisal awards are binding and are required prior to addressing further legal disputes over policy wordings or claim denials. MPRC is affiliated with lawyers and public adjusters to help policyholders address any of the insurers off-coverage positions.

Our appraisal team will help you protect your single biggest investment – your home or building. Call us today at (647) 978-1931 or email us at to learn more about how we can help you.

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