Restoration Consulting

We Are Restoration & Appraisal Experts Serving Clients Across Ontario.

MP Restoration Consulting Ltd. is an independent restoration consulting company that has extensive restoration experience in identifying areas of concern that the insurers and their experts have missed and undervalued.  We have over 60 yrs of industry experience and knowledge in restoration and construction techniques.  We understand the complexities of building systems and the associated health hazards that building materials may pose to property owners, especially if not remediated as per the required Ontario Regulations.  Our restoration consulting services include:

  • Consultation and assessment on the abatement and repair damages
  • Setting a preliminary budget based on the type and size of loss
  • Preparing a detailed scope of work to be approved by the policyholder
  • Bid analysis to establish an accurate project cost
  • Procurement of experts and sub trades for all aspects of the claim
  • Restoration timelines that are tailored to the complexities of the loss
  • Establish an accurate remediation and repair schedule
  • Ensuring code compliance as per the OBC and quality control
  • Effective communication with client, contractors and experts

Our goal is to convince the “Appraisal Tribunal” that the valuation of a claim requires a balance between scope, timeline and cost. We pride ourselves on our ability to appraise and negotiate, the above information and facts to establish, an accurate settlement/appraisal award for our client’s.

We work with policyholders, lawyers and public adjusters across Ontario. Please contact MP Restoration Consulting Ltd at (647) 978-1931 or email us at to learn more about how our restoration consulting team can help you.


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